Jointly set up by The Newspaper Society of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong News Executives’ Association, the Journalism Education Foundation Hong Kong Limited was incorporated on December 1, 2006.

    As a non-profit-making organization, the foundation seeks to raise the standards of journalism, with a view to "Expanding Vision, Enlightening the Mind."  Hong Kong faces keen competition in a rapidly changing international environment. The Foundation sees an urgent need for the news media to help the city maintain its competitiveness by enhancing public understanding of its position in the world.

    Free flow of information and freedom of the press are key pillars of Hong Kong’s success. The Foundation will try to strengthen Hong Kong’s advantages in these areas by grooming outstanding journalists through organizing training programs and through media education programs.  The Foundation also seeks to nurture informed readers, listeners and viewers, and promote public appreciation of the positive role played by the media in the society. 


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